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mnsblueprint.org Vidhansabha 2014
It is a matter of an immense joy and pride for me to present this website dedicated to Maharashtra. Now, it will be much easier for me to reach out to you and so will be easy for you to communicate with me.
Many would ask, why a strong Marathi protagonist like me should have an English version of my website. The answer is simple – I am not against any particular language or any particular linguist group. What I oppose is using the language to create a political pressure group.
Raj in his writings
Awaken Maharashtra, Rise!
A few days back, I replied to Sudhindra Kulkarni’s letter. The reply was based on intellectual issues. This became possible because Kulkarni is a thinker. But in the present case it is not feasible as the person in consideration is Amar Singh with whom any kind of cerebral interaction is not possible...
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