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ShivramPant Paranjape

Founder of ‘Kaal’

Birth: 27 Jun 1864

Shivram Mahadev Paranjape was born in Mahad. He was educated at Mahad, Ratnagiri and Pune. He was awarded the Jagannath Shakarsheth scholarship in Sanskrit in his matriculation exam. He was the first recipient of this award. On completing his education, he started teaching Sanskrit in a college at Pune.

He started a weekly Kaal in 1898. It is said that in a very short time Kaal became more popular than even Kesari, which was at the time the most read weekly. He had advertised his weekly as ‘a weekly that would impartially, courageously, and wholesomely discuss on subjects religious, social, political, historical, and literary’. He was recognized as Kaalkarte (one who made Kaal) Paranjape. His writings were a blend of patriotism, intellectualism, and refinement. Sarcasm and irony were the hallmark of his writings. In fact he introduced sarcasm into Marathi literature. Vishnushastri Chiplunkar was Shivrampant’s teacher. Chiplunkar’s influence on Shivrampant was evident from his writings.

Prior to starting Kaal, Shivrampant spent dome time with Lokmanya Tilak doing social work. Through his elocution, he advocated patriotism, independence and values. In 1908, he was convicted by the British for his articles in Kaal and incarcerated for nineteen months. Kaal was in business till 1909. However, after that Paranjape had to shut down the magazine due to his inability to pay the British Government’s demand of ten thousand rupees. Later in 1920, he started a new weekly, Swarajya (Independence).

In 1922 he participated in the Mulshi Satyagraha (non-violent agitation). Besides writing for his newspaper, he also wrote books namely – Vindhyachal, Sangeet Kadambari, Marathyancha Ladhyacha Itihaas (The History of the Marathas’ struggle for freedom) and Ramayanavishayi kahi Vichar (Some thoughts about Ramayana). He chaired the Maharashtra Sahitya Sammelan (literary convention) held in Belgaum in 1929.

Paranjape’s Kaal played an inspirational role along with Lokmanya Tilak’s Kesari in the pre-independence period, and at the same his writings made a valuable contribution to journalism and Marathi literature.

Death: 27 Sep 1929



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